Probably the friendliest software house in Wroclaw

about us

Our Values

dedicated to talent development and work-life balance!

  • VM.PL is a guarantee to a laid-back/uncorporation and friendly atmosphere which make us all feel at home. Our team consists of top notch IT specialists who also happened to have become a group of friends
  • We ensure all the standard perks and benefits: Home Office, sports card, private health insurance, English and German language lessons on all levels, parties, meetups and trainings. On top of that, our developers value the stress-free environment, red-tape ban, transparency and management board you could always talk to (without knocking on the door)
  • We really love the fact that we can ALWAYS have a DIRECT IMPACT on the company’s operations and projects and we have great possibility to develop, work on additional challenges which help us grow and work on new tech stack. NOBODY SITS ON THE BENCH HERE
  • Generally speaking, WE LOVE IT HERE, we hate long hours and appreciate the work-life balance!


working with us means that you get

  •  Stress-free and chillax environment
  • International Projects in which YOU can make a Difference
  • Management Board that will always listen and understand
  • Flexi hours
  • Home Office/Remote work
  • Events/trainings/meetups
  • Lunches on the house
  • Sports Card
  • Private Medical Insurance and Life Insurance
  • Free language lessons on all levels(eng+de)
  • Playstation
  • Darts

VM.PL @work

making it to friday!

VM-ERS tell it as it is

VM.PL @play

work hard, party like there’s no tomorrow!

our location

come and see our office in the centre of wroclaw

Meet the team

Łukasz Borzęcki
Anna Svetozarov
IT Recruitment Manager
Jakub Orczyk
Head of Sales


Ask me anything. I love to chat about our culture, job openings, Mac Vs PC, plans to conquer the world. Write and see.

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Wrocław VM.PL sp. z o.o. ul. T. Kościuszki 82 50-441 Wrocław +48 71 341 76 40
Lublin VM.PL sp. z o.o. ul. 1 Maja 13 20-410 Lublin 81 534 26 66
Ravensburg VM.PL sp. z o.o. Vertriebsbüro Deutschland ul. Tettnanger Straße 20 88214 Ravensburg +49 751 95889632

Member of:

ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin & Brandenburg