The IT market is developing dynamically. At VM.PL we follow new trends and use them to provide the best service and highest product quality. Our solutions are carefully tailored to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. Each project is created individually.

Łukasz Borzęcki



We strive to provide you with the highest quality of service available. That’s why we would like to present to you our policy regarding nearshoring cooperation. While it is not a strict code of conduct, we very much like to work following these rules.

Our developers are present at the client’s site when the project starts. They can remain on site as long as necessary – anywhere from one day to two months.
Our regular workflow is clear. All tasks are described in Jira or another software and our team works on them. We use Git, so every line of code may be revised by the client. Code review is common practice between our team members. We can also provide a Product Owner to support you.
In order to update a project’s status, we hold daily calls every morning. We usually communicate via Skype, Hangouts or other communicator. Our practice is to assign a room with constant video connection for the whole team.
We plan regular, in-person meetings at least once a month. Usually we visit the client for planning sessions. Alternatively the product owner from the client’s side visits our office.
We realise that sometimes it is impossible to solve an issue remotely. If such a case occurs we are ready to visit our client immediately. We are also open for visits - our clients are always welcome in our office. Of course, each project may call for a slightly different approach and we are open to variations on the above outline.

Project outsourcing

With Project Outsourcing we charge a basic price-per-hour outline for developers’ work. Any additional costs are considered individually and may include:

  • Functional Project
  • Product Owner
  • Project Technical Documentation
  • Any other project specific costs that are considered up-front

When working using the Project Outsourcing model, our process is as follows:

  • We meet with you in your office, or you are welcome to visit us as well
  • We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so your ideas and know-how are truly safe with us
  • You present us with a business idea or documentation of the desired product
  • We analyse it and appraise the cost and likely timetable
  • After receiving a full functional project or creating one by ourselves, we can give you a precise estimation of time and cost for project realisation
  • When we agree on a timetable, we sign a contract and begin work


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