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For many years, we have comprehensively supported our customers in a wide range of IT, and our services complement one another. We want to be your partner in widely understood IT and work with you to improve the systems and tools that we will develop together as part of our cooperation. Our experienced team of IT specialists can actively support you, among others in improving the quality of development, increasing the availability of software or overall improvement of work efficiency in your company.


Wrocław VM.PL sp. z o.o. ul. T. Kościuszki 82 50-441 Wrocław +48 71 341 76 40 office@vm.pl www.vm.pl
Lublin VM.PL sp. z o.o. ul. 1 Maja 13 20-410 Lublin 81 534 26 66
Ravensburg VM.PL sp. z o.o. Vertriebsbüro Deutschland ul. Tettnanger Straße 20 88214 Ravensburg +49 751 95889632

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ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin & Brandenburg